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About Nylacarb

This video dives into the “About Us” content. Scott Cooley, President, gives you a deeper look into the capabilities and services we provide.

History of Nylacarb

In this video Scott Cooley, President, shares the Family History that led Nylacarb to Vero Beach, FL. Plastic Injection Molding has been a family endeavor since 1959 and continues today with the Cooley Family: Scott, Frank, & Doug.

Nylacarb Facility Tour

Check out this Facility Tour video. Tatiana Cooley, Marketing & Operations Specialist, daughter to Scott and niece of Frank & Doug, gives an insider look into the daily operations of Nylacarb.

Integrated Total Quality System

Learn more in this video about the Database Management System (Integrated Total Quality System) launch that has revolutionized our processes to better serve our customers.

Product Development & Design

We go the extra mile to ensure our customers have guided expertise not just in production and manufacturing, but also with part design and product development. Check out this video to learn more!

Secondary Processes

Finishing a job well is just as important as starting it well. Some parts need extra TLC. Whether that includes ultrasonic welding, assembly, specific packaging, or other processes we are capable to meet the needs of our customers.





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