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Custom Plastic Injection Services & Equipment
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Our machinery has a maximum clamping force of 300 tons, and we can produce molding with a maximum depth of 20 inches, a maximum length of 30 inches and a maximum width of 20 inches. Nylacarb’s secondary operations include grinding, drilling, and welding. We also manufacture our own molds.

Plastic Injection, Insert Molding, In-Mold Decorating

Number of Mold Cavities


Closed Loop, In-Process


Sanitary Controlled

Secondary Operations:

Drilling, Grinding, Assembly, Packaging, Welding, EMS Shielding, Pad Printing etc.

Additional Services:

Mold Making, Product Development, Tooling

Production Volume:

Prototype to Large Scale Production Volume Runs

Typical Lead Time:

3 weeks (parts), 6-12 weeks (mold builds)

Industry Standards:

Integrated Total Quality:

Sanitary Controlled Molding Parameters, Part Inspection, Material Specification, Mold Maintenance.


Nylacarb manufacturing facility in Vero Beach, Florida has all the equipment necessary to design, create, and manufacture just about any sort of injection molded part, from just about any engineering grade plastic material you may need to fit your specifications.