Nylacarb: Safety

Connecting and communicating our safety commitment and best practices.

New Employee Safety Training

Safety for Manufacturing & Nylacarb Policy:

The management of this organization is committed to providing employees with a
safe and healthful workplace. It is the policy of this organization that employees
report unsafe conditions and do not perform work tasks if the work is considered
unsafe. Employees must report all accidents, injuries, and unsafe conditions to
their supervisors or by emailing safety@nylacarb.com. No such report will result in retaliation, penalty, or other disincentive.
Employee recommendations to improve safety and health conditions will be given
thorough consideration by this company. Management will give true attention to
and provide the financial resources for the correction of unsafe conditions.
Management will promote and influence safe behavior. This will be accomplished
by both positive reinforcement of correct and safe activity, and by disciplinary
action for those who willfully or repeatedly work in an unsafe manner.

2022 Training Calendar

We Value Safety for Manufacturing

January 2022 –  Nylacarb Site Safety: Part 1

February 2022 –   Nylacarb Site Safety: Part 2

March 2022 –  Nylacarb Site Safety: Part 3

April 2022 –  Machine Safeguarding

May 2022 –  Lockout/Tagout Procedures

June 2022 –  CPR Skills & General First Aid

July 2022 – Working in Hot Conditions

August 2022 – Emergency Plan & Evacuation Practice

September 2022 – Safe Lifting & Workplace Ergonomics

October 2022 – Preventing Injuries

November 2022 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

December 2022 – Review Safety Best Practices & Plan for the New Year

Safety for Manufacturing

It is the mission of Nylacarb senior managers to create an environment that consistently reinforces best safety practices through training, policies, and routine procedures. All employees must remain compliant with our safety policies to stay employed with Nylacarb. We value each and each person’s safety at our facility. 


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