U.S. Manufacturing: A Solution for the Economy

Are You Really Supporting the U.S. Economy When You “Shop Local”?

“Shop Local,” all the cool kids are doing it. Supporting local small businesses by shopping from local retailers and service industries is trending. Luckily, people have come to realize that the best thing we can do for the global economy is support our local commerce. This is an easy connection to make as we see the men and women on the “front-lines” of commerce. Meanwhile, the real heroes ask questions. Where is my “local” retailer getting their product? This is why U.S. Manufacturing is the real solution for the economy.If we take our thoughts one step further, who am I truly supporting with my dollar? How was this product manufactured? Where was it produced? Thinking deeper when it comes to “shopping local” might truly be the answer to saving our economy, and our planet’s environment.

If we maximize all opportunities and provide the necessary support and business for our local manufacturers, US GDP could climb to $3 trillion by 2025.1 Amazing right? This sort of development could be a tremendous boost to our economy in the U.S. and globally.

Can We Save the Economy with U.S. Manufacturing?

Why U.S. Manufacturing is the Real Solution to the Economy

The concept of “Buy America” is not a new one. Supporting U.S. Manufacturing as a citizen of the United States is an investment into your future and the future of your children, and their children. The ripple effect of our production and buying behaviors is staggering. To explain a bit more, here are a number of reasons to support American manufacturing that all directly or indirectly impact the U.S. and global economy. 

Technology & Progress

There is a beautiful cyclical relationship between innovation and manufacturing. Manufacturing accounts for 90% of all new patents and 70% of private sector research and development. Any time that a developer, an engineer, or an inventor of any sorts comes up with an idea or invention there is an immediate process in manufacturing that begins. Beginning with the design through the finished product a manufacturer is involved. Innovations always calls on manufacturing to assist in product development, and in turn manufacturing is always pressing for ways to produce more precise, efficient technologies. 

Additionally, the top industries that dominate the robotics industry are the automotive industry, the electronics industry, the plastics industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Not ironically, the top industries we serve for plastic manufacturing are electronics, automotive, and pharmaceuticals/medical devices. Therefore, the reliance on technology and manufacturing are interconnected and moving toward progress.

Local Employment

One of the most popular topics talked about when it comes to American Manufacturing and the economy is the sheer number of people that are employed. Employing Americans is a priority in stabilizing the economy. Currently, Nylacarb employs about 40 local people in Florida. We are a small business compared to many other companies in this industry. 

Also, manufacturing provides a unique opportunity for employment diversity. The push toward technological advancement and high level engineering provides opportunities for people who have high levels of formal education and experience. In addition, people with no formal education can also have a very stable, good paying job with health benefits. There are few industries that provide this opportunity for people that have close to no previous experience or formal education. Manufacturing is a unique opportunity where the employer is really only looking for one thing: a dedicated worker. U.S. manufacturing provides jobs for a wide range of people. 

Customer Relationship & Support

Manufacturing in the U.S. has another aspect that also improves the economy indirectly: quality of customer relationships and support. American manufacturers understand the importance of being trustworthy, responsive, and communicative. Time and stress are in direct correlation with money, especially in corporate B2B interactions. Every step in the development process that requires less time and less stress saves the client money. Knowing your manufacturer personally provides a professional, and responsive B2B relationship. The amount of money saved by labor cost with foreign manufacturers often is less than the benefit of reducing time and stress.

During product development clear communication reduces the chance for mistakes. Mistakes can cause huge complications and incur many costs including mold development, energy and resources wasted, shipping and transportation costs. You, the client, have the opportunity to be more involved in the production process.

More Responsive Supply & Demand Chain

In addition to all these things, shipping time slows the response for supply and demand when working with overseas manufacturers. If you already have a project running or already have the mold ready to begin the molding process, a product can be produced very quickly. You need 20,000 more parts due to an increase in demand? Many manufacturers in the U.S. can turn around product in days. Contrarily, if working with an overseas manufacturer it will take weeks or months to receive your product, even if they respond to production immediately. Having a more responsive supply chain creates a more responsive economy.

Let’s start considering the source of our retail products and services. Let’s start moving in the direction of producing and manufacturing our own products. Together we can better stabilize the economy locally and globally.

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