Our machinery has a maximum clamping force of 300 tons, and we can produce molding with a maximum depth of 20 inches, a maximum length of 30 inches and a maximum width of 20 inches. Nylacarb’s secondary operations include grinding, drilling, and welding. We also manufacture our own molds.

Mold Process Type:Plastic Injection, Insert Molding,
In-Mold Decorating
Number of Cavities :1 to 48 cavity
Tolerance:0.005 – .010 for large parts,
0.002 for small parts
Monitoring:Closed Loop, In-Process
Environment:Sanitary Controlled
Integrated Total Quality:Sanitary Controlled Molding Parameters,
Part Inspection, Material Specification,
Mold Maintenance
Secondary Operations:Drilling, Grinding, Assembly,
Sorting Packaging, Welding
Additional Services:Mold Making, Product Development, Tooling
Industry Standards:ISO 9001:2015 Certified, UL, CE, FDA
Production Volume:Prototype to Large Scale
Production Volume Runs
Typical Lead Time:3 weeks (parts), 6 – 12 weeks (mold builds)