Q & A with Nylacarb President

Interview with Scott Cooley, President

  • What is the Origin Story of Nylacarb Corporation?
    • Nylacarb is a family owned and operated Plastic Injection Molding Company. In 1987 my father and I started this company, and soon after my brothers joined us. Nylacarb has always been a family business, and still is to this day. My father started working with plastic injection molding in 1959. Throughout his career he had 3 different plastic manufacturing companies in Massachusetts – all which he built up and sold. My father moved to Florida first, and then I followed to help him build up Nylacarb. Manufacturing in Florida was more spread out than in New England. The demographics proved many challenges. My brother, Frank, started in 1979 working in plastics manufacturing and joined us at Nylacarb in 1991. In 1993, my brother Doug joined us also. My brothers and I all still work together: Frank runs production, Doug runs logistics, and I run general management and customer relationships.
  • When did you become President and how do you believe your leadership bettered the dynamic of the company?
    • In 2005, I became President of Nylacarb. I believe the biggest change is how we deal with progress, and ingenuity. We made a lot of changes in accounting, handling material, our production process, and how we handle customers. Before we operated with more old school style of dealing with things and toward a more modern approach. Now we strive to embrace progress and be at the forefront of changing technologies and systems within the industry.
  • What is the vision and mission of Nylacarb?
    • Our desire is to bring excellence to our customers, keeping them happy. We provide them with high-quality products in a timely manner.

Nylacarb in the Plastic Injection Molding Industry

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  • Can you elaborate on the term “Strategic Sourcing”? How does this concept benefit manufacturers and people everywhere?
    • To illustrate I will just explain how we at Nylacarb use strategic sourcing and how that benefits the industry and the economy. We are an American company. When we look for materials we look closely at shipping time, the cost of shipping, the cost of holding inventory, etc. This encourages competition, driving costs down and improving quality of everything from shipping time to customer service. This decreased cost and increased quality has a domino effect that benefits our clients.
  • What is your ideal customer?
    • We love all our current customers and are always looking to grow and take on new projects. We look for established companies with a project already laid out or a start up with the appropriate product development plan, a good understanding of manufacturing, and proper funding.
  • What type of parts do you mold? What industries? Some Examples…
    • We try to be versatile in industries – We mold parts for the military, different commercial/consumer products, parts for the medical, electronic, marine, automotive, and aerospace industries – pretty much anything plastic and under 2 lbs of plastic, we can mold it!

The Plastic Injection Molding Process & Our Contribution

  • Can you explain the plastic injection molding process?
    • First, pellet material is loaded into the container. It is then released into the material dryer and then is vacuumed into the feed throat. As it enters the barrel from the feed throat, the barrel rotates providing heat and pressure to the material. By the time the material reaches the end of the barrel it has gone from solid to molten. It is then pushed into the mold and the mold is cooled. Upon cooling, the plastic returns to solid and the part is released and then you start the cycle again.
  • What is the molding capacity right now?
    • We are currently at 70% of our capacity. We have 18 presses – so we can do 18 different products in any given day. Our manufacturing quantity depends mostly on cavity capacity – a 1 cavity mold can make about 1,000 parts per day but we have molds that have a higher capacity and produce up to 55,000 parts per day. 
  • How long does a project take from the idea/design phase until there is a product in your customers hand?
    • If the customer already has a mold produced, we can be running the product in as little as a few days. The design and mold build are the longest part of the process. A design phase can vary from a couple days to a couple weeks, and mold build is between 4 and 10 weeks. A plastic part can be molded within minutes once the mold is in the machine and ready to go!

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