Plastics Manufacturing is the Environmental Solution

We have demonized the wrong thing! Plastic is not the problem, it is the solution.

US manufacturing of plastic is a step toward saving our planet. You read that correctly! Compared to alternative materials like glass and metal, plastic is the more environmental approach. Lighter material produces lower transportation emissions. The U.S., as opposed to foreign manufactures, comply with higher regulations for waste and maintain local reputation for strategic sourcing. We are not in a position to revert to a pre-industrial world. However, we can shape the quality of the manufacturing industry if we remain mindful that buying a product from a store doesn’t stop with the store. We need to think re”source”fully in order to solve the issues for our economy and our ecological footprint.

Why U.S. Plastics Manufacturing is the Environmental Solution

I get it, accepting U.S. Plastics Manufacturing as a solution to the environmental crisis atypical. But there is a reality we must accept – there is no going to a pre-industrial revolution society. We will continue to need the conveniences of industrial development to push progress. If we accept that manufacturing WILL continue, then the only answer to saving the environment is ethical, mindful manufacturing.

plastic caps tossed into box

Plastic has a bad rap. Especially plastic and manufacturing are demonized by tree huggers all over. Nevertheless, I too am a tree hugger, and I approve this message. Plastics manufacturing is not the enemy. Most ethical manufacturers will agree, single use plastics are not a good use of resources. However, in some cases, single-use plastics are a necessary development for human health. A lot of plastic products like surgical gloves, fall into this category. A common argument remains, these necessities make up a very small percentage of single use plastics.

How to Use Plastics Manufacturing as the Environmental Solution

Here is our suggestion: replace singe-use plastics that are NOT necessities with reusable or recyclable plastics. Plastic is lighter causing less fuel and emissions from transport. It is more energy conservative to produce and to recycle than competitors. Plastic manufacturing in the U.S. is highly regulated, compared to foreign competition, causing more ethical use, reuse, and recycling habits of manufacturers. Plastic is recyclable. Instead of “throwing the baby out with the bath water,” lets focus on innovating and using more reusable and recyclable plastic products. Plastic phobia has caused an increase in consumption for glass and metal alternatives. However, these alternatives are NOT more environmentally friendly and here is why:

Reduces Transportation Emissions

Plastic weighs significantly less than metal and glass alternatives for product material. This is directly related to transportation emissions. Plastic requires less fuel for transporting materials and finished products.

Plastic Uses Less Energy for Manufacturing & Recycling

The development of thermodynamic plastic often requires less energy to produce a single product than the glass or metal alternative. Again, this energy efficiency is directly benefiting the reduction of the use in non-renewable resources. Additionally, recycling plastic requires less energy than glass or metal alternatives. At Nylacarb, we use only recyclable plastic.

Higher Manufacturing Standards for More Ecological Products

Manufacturers in the U.S. have extremely high quality standards for production, the use of their resources, and the optimization of their waste. Once again, plastic is recyclable and we have high standards for making sure that plastic waste is an anomaly.

We may not have all the answers, but we definitely have quite a few solutions for providing our economy and our environment with the stabilization and support it needs. 

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