On the Water Just Got Hotter

Thermodynamic that is…

It’s almost Independence Day and you are probably thinking about pina coladas and relaxing oceanside on your boat. However, what would a fun Independence day weekend be without plastic? Our too-hot-to-handle thermodynamic plastic is molded into custom plastic parts that you likely forget about as you jam out to the Beach Boys and get ready to shoot off fireworks. Quietly working hard so you can enjoy your long weekend, plastic is the humble hero. Plastic molding for the marine industry is something we do everyday.

The housing for your electronic control panel, we mold that. The part that goes inside your boat motor, we mold that. The plastic anchor you wrap your rope around, we mold that. The list goes on… And now you’re thinking, what would my Fourth of July boat getaway be without plastic. Not much fun folks.

plastic molding for the marine industry

What makes plastic perfect for the marine industry? Many of the characteristics of different plastic materials are very resistant to the elements, durable and strong, eco-friendly, and made for visibility. Additionally, some plastics are even skid resistant, making them good surfaces for water activities. These qualities are what make plastic molding for the marine industry great.

Tough Plastic for the Marine Industry

One of the amazing things about plastic is it can have incredible strength. Depending on the material and product design, a part can withstand extreme amounts of tension. Unlike its metal counterpart, it’s durable and has a longer lifespan when exposed to harsh elements; like those you would experience on a boat. Plastic is king when it comes to water resistance, UV exposure, and other elements like wind, and salt particles. Choosing plastic for many parts associated with the marine industry is a no-brainer when you consider the durability and weather resistant properties needed.

Specialized Properties of Plastic

There are a couple properties of plastic worth nothing that specifically benefit the marine industry. 


One of these is the ability to provide a clear product. In many cases, it is preferred for the plastic part to be clear so it can shield without blocking visibility. Plastics like polycarbonate fit the bill perfectly. Polycarbonate is not only clear, but it is incredibly durable and weather resistant. Additionally, it won’t yellow or corrode over time.


Depending on the location of the plastic part, having a material that is not slippery when wet is necessary. Materials like anti-skid HDPE fall perfectly into this category so that you don’t have to (fall, that is).

Eco-Friendly Plastic for Ocean Lovers

Interested in prevent ocean pollution? Us too. Why is plastic the most environmentally friendly option for manufacturing your marine parts? Plastic is easily fabricated and repaired meaning less waste and less energy. It is lighter to transport, once again resulting in less waste or resources and energy. Lastly, plastic is recyclable and doesn’t have to sit in landfills. 

This Independence Day might give you a new appreciation for the little parts that silently keep the boat party going. Do you have a marine industry project and need a manufacturing quote? Let us know. Our engineer and design team would love to meet with you and get you a quote today.

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