How Plastic Affects the Fitness Industry

Plastic affects the fitness industry!

Resistance bands. Barbell clamps. Water bottles. Exercise balls. Treadmills. These products all have two things in common; can you guess them? 

  1. They are made using PLASTIC
  2. They are part of your health and wellness routine

Plastic Engineering and Manufacturing is essential in fitness equipment and health and wellness product development. Some items might utilize the elasticity of TPE, like many resistance bands. Meanwhile, others might take advantage of the durability of PVC, like some exercise balls. Additionally, nylon resin is a champion of many barbell clamps.

woman using elliptical, plastic affects fitness

Plastics’ role in fitness equipment is worth highlighting. In addition to fitness equipment, we can admire its influence in our daily healthy habits. Whether we are looking to meal prep in Tupperware, or staying hydrated with a reusable water bottle, we can give a round of applause to the plastics industry. 

At Nylacarb, we believe in health and wellness and support all efforts to live a healthier lifestyle. Thus, some of our favorite custom plastic injection molding projects are for the fitness industry. Here are some tips for enhancing your daily health and wellness routine while utilizing the benefits of plastic:

Use a Plastic Reusable Water Bottle

Using a reusable plastic water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated while reducing your carbon footprint. We recommend using a BPA and PVC-free plastic water bottle. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends drinking 11-15 cups of water per day. They consider about 20% of your water intake to come from food sources. Therefore, keeping a reusable water bottle handy is a great way to remind yourself to drink enough water for your better health.

Plastics’ Influence on Cardio

Secondly, the World Health Organization also recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise, per week, for adults. Using fitness equipment like the treadmill, the stationary bike, and the elliptical are great ways to keep cardiovascular exercise as part of your routine – rain, shine, or sleet.

Stretchy Plastic for Stretchy Ligaments & Longevity

Likewise, stretching is one of the most wonderful ways to keep your joints and ligaments healthy and happy. Using fitness equipment like resistance bands can really help take your flexibility to the next level and help you achieve greater mobility.

As you can gleam, plastic affects the fitness industry. Many fitness equipment items are made with plastic. These items can be incorporated in our daily routines to enhance our wellness and longevity. Perhaps, next time you are in the gym you will think a little more about the items you use daily and how plastic has revolutionized and enhanced your health.

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