7 Habits of High Quality Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an industry with very little superfluous actions. However, to be a great manufacturer takes more than a straight-shooter attitude. Many quality assurance principles are supported by organizations like ISO, OSHA, and the FDA. They hold underlying principles that we have adapted and redacted as core principles of high quality manufacturing. We believe there are 7 Habits of High Quality Manufacturing that distinguishes the run of the mill from the remarkable.

Nylacarb’s 7 Habits of High Quality Manufacturing


In our fast paced, cutting corners, “telling you what you want to hear” generation of operations, “business ethics” seems to be a futile phrase. However, we believe that integrity of our products means nothing if our leadership doesn’t manage themselves with integrity. At Nylacarb, we offer a True Service guarantee. This is our promise that customers will experience honesty and integrity every step of the way.


Manufacturing is not a field of work for the feeble footed. Understanding sourcing, production, engineering, shipping, and operations takes much trial, error, and wisdom. Many manufacturers fail because of this. In theory, they may have a wonderful plan. However, when it comes to staying productive, errors must be minimized. Nylacarb is fortunate to have such a solid foundation. Our leadership has a combined over 100 years of experience in the plastic injection molding industry. Our company was founded by Frank Cooley Sr. in 1988. This was his fourth plastic injection molding company, but first company in the southeast. His other three plants were in the New England area – all built up and sold by Frank Cooley Sr. His three sons had experience working alongside them as they grew up. Now, they are the owners and operators of the facilities in Vero Beach, FL. Plastic’s manufacturing is in their blood.

Customer Focus

Customization of parts and procedures of high quality manufacturing stem from a focus on customer satisfaction. We work alongside customers to make sure their product is exactly what they want. From design, to tooling the mold, to material sourcing, to the finished part – customer focus and satisfaction is a primary focus. Therefore, it’s our goal to make our customers happy.


We consider ourselves a special breed. As a family owned and operated, small/medium size manufacturer our customers still get one-on-one attention from company executives. Meanwhile, we have the experience, stability, and capabilities of many large manufacturers.


Another successful habit of high quality manufacturers is to be timely. One of our top priorities is to make sure customers get their orders damage-free and on time. In fact, it is so important to us that it is in our company’s quality policy!

7 habits of high quality manufacturing, company quality policy

Detail Oriented

We encourage our employees to produce detail oriented work. We know that high quality products require an eye for error. If production of a part starts to incur an error, our operators must catch it soon to reduce parts that aren’t compliant with company or customer standards. 


Compliance often has a negative connotation. But when it comes to manufacturing, compliance is essential. Is a manufacturer compliant with OSHA and/or FDA compliant? Are the parts compliant with the customers specifications? Is quality control personnel for the organization compliant with the ISO quality standards? In order to make good and acceptable parts, a High Quality Manufacture must make compliance a habit. Compliance must be regarded with positivity.

The Difference Between Mediocre and Remarkable is…

High quality manufacturers value many of the same things. We share core values that perpetuate past our own manufacturing facility. These 7 Habits of High Quality Manufacturing are adapted and implemented in different ways internationally. The common objective remains, improve customer satisfaction and create the highest quality goods.

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