4 Christmas Decorations for Which Plastic is Essential

How many decorations are made out of plastic? Plastic’s influence on the Christmas spirit is often overlooked. Perhaps this season, let’s be more attentive to the holiday decor items that require plastic. Here are a few that come to mind for us. Make sure to leave a comment with anything we may have overlooked.

The Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas tree with star ornament

In 1930 British-based Addis Warehouse Company began making Christmas trees out of PVC. The design reflected that of a toilet brush. Christmas morning wouldn’t be the same without the invention of the artificial Christmas tree. Families everywhere can enjoy the ambiance of a Christmas tree, decorated and perfected to their liking, without the disadvantage of shedding pine needles and a dying Fir tree in their living room. Most current artificial trees are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Although some are made of polyethylene (PE).

Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Inflatable Santa

Since the early 2000’s another plastic based decoration has been popular. Inflatable Christmas decorations litter the lawns of jolly citizens. These inflatables are a PVC coated nylon material. This material proves to be a great choice for the weather resistant, fun-loving inflatable decorations.

Nativity Scenes Made of Plastic

Additionally, many nativity scenes are made of plastic. Do you have any of these small ramekins on your hutch, or large figurines in the front yard? The different purposes of the Nativity scene might call for a different material. Particularly for outdoor decorative pieces, plastic offers durability.

Strings of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights, colorful

Let’s talk sparkling bright and jolly lights! Many strings of lights require plastic polymer coating along the string and hard plastic bases. This coating is most likely made of PP, depending on the product. Additionally, PVC covered LED rope lights are a new popular lighting system at Christmas time. Electrical products, like lights, require flame retardant materials. It is for this reason, that plastic is often used in the engineered design for Christmas lights. Likewise, there are a lot of electrical lighting timers, outlets, power cords, and more that require plastic in their design as well.

Plastic is all around us, especially during the holiday season and among our common decorations for the holidays. Is there a particular Christmas decoration you know uses plastic? Let us know!

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