Safety Achievement for Plastic Manufacturing

We are proud to be featured in June’s edition of Plastic News Magazine for safety achievement in manufacturing. Our team prioritizes safety in every department and being recognized by MAPP & Plastic News Magazine is just a bi-product of our team’s faithfulness to our company values.

Goals for Safety Achievement in Manufacturing

This year, we took a new approach to our on-site safety training. We created new internal safety training for all current and incoming employees. Over the last few years, we have restructured a lot of our internal training through online modules we have created. Recently, we chose to revamp our safety program using this same model.

The emphasis we took in remodeling our safety awareness program stemmed from employee appreciation. Improved training is an effort to improve company culture, conversation, and morale. We believe that having regular open conversations about safety, that go alongside safety instruction, give our employees a feeling of involvement, purpose, and security.

Safety Training Updates for 2022

In addition to our revamped basic safety training for new and current employees, we re-established a new safety committee and safety training calendar for 2022. We believe these additions to our Safety Program will continuously improve our safety achievement in manufacturing and benefit our employees.

For more information regarding our safety practices and safety achienvement in manufacturing; or any other plastic manufacturing questions contact us today!

safety achievement in manufacturing

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