Injection Molding with Polycarbonate

Shatter the concept that aesthetic must be traded for strength. Injection molding with polycarbonate thermoplastic offers the clarity of glass with over 200 times the strength. Its versatility makes it a great option for the plastic injection molding of many different types of components.

Why Polycarbonate for Injection Molding?

Polycarbonate resin offers a good thermal resistance making it a common choice for electrical components and electrical housing. Because of its transparency, light can transmit through. Thus, it is often used to cover sensors, lights, or other types of electrical features that might need to be guarded by environmental conditions, while still being seen.

Examples of Injection Molding With Polycarbonate:
    • Lighting / housing
    • Battery boxes
    • Electronic Sensor Housing
    • Mobile Phones
    • Protective eyewear
    • Medical device housing

Polycarbonate thermoplastic is also extremely durable and strong. As an amorphous thermoplastic, it is less brittle than crystalline polymers offering excellent impact strength. Transparency with natural UV filtration and impact strength make polycarbonate a leading choice for components like “bullet-proof glass”, machinery guards, and protective eye wear. Additionally, it offers the strength of metal, while being lighter per volumetric capacity. This makes it a common material choice in the industrial front as well.

Looking for the strength of polycarbonate but not the transparency? Not a problem – you can add nearly ANY COLOR to polycarbonate resin to make it fit the exact aesthetic you are looking for.

polycarbonate resin in hands
polycarbonate molded part

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