Seeking U.S. Manufacturers as a Supply Chain Solution

The global supply chain chaos is still in full swing as demand increases and supply cannot rise to meet it. There are several reasons for the massive supply shortage; some of these include: differing regulations for the pandemic in each country, power supply struggles in China, issues at the ports with trade, transportation costs and limitations, labor shortages, and more. As consumers, we see the effects of these issues when ordering a new computer or going to the store. But more importantly, as procurement managers or product development coordinators, understanding some of the causes can help us recognize some practical solutions. For procurement and project managers of commodities in a line of production, seeking U.S. Manufacturers as a Supply Chain Solution is a very viable and resourceful tactic.

Why Seeking U.S. Manufacturers as a Supply Chain Solution is Optimal

Seeking U.S. Manufacturers as a Supply Chain Solution satiates some of the common barriers that are currently causing supply chain hiccups. The first being the most obvious: transportation.

Ideally, seek out a U.S. manufacturer that is in close proximity to the project endpoint for distribution. Not only does this eliminate potential barriers with trade issues at the ports by domestically sourcing parts, but it dramatically reduces transportation costs like those associated with the skyrocketing fuel prices. This “self-reliant” or “rely on my neighbor” type of manufacturing philosophy poses a benefit right now in solving some of the supply chain barriers. While international commerce and manufacturing has its place, seeking a domestic manufacturing option is a route many are taking to facilitate their production processes with the current challenges we all face.

While labor shortage is a global issue, the decreased regulation on workplace attendance associated with the pandemic is more optimal in the U.S. for reliable production. Again, this difference encourages reducing hold ups by seeking U.S. manufacturers as supply chain solutions.

How to Find a U.S. Manufacturer for Your Project

The solution is truly right under our nose when it comes to sourcing project components more “locally” to improve the movement of the supply chain. Finding the right manufacturer for your project is easier than ever with the internet being a key recourse in finding the capabilities you seek. Organizations like ThomasNet or ConnectFlorida/FloridaMakes (for seeking Florida Manufacturers) provide catalogs and bidding opportunities for manufacturers right in your backyard.

If you have any questions about our capabilities at Nylacarb or connecting you to the right manufacturer for your project, reach out to us! Not only can we provide you with a comprehensive response if our capabilities fit your needs, but our experience in the manufacturing industry can help us put you in touch with the right manufacturer for your project should it not fit our capabilities.

Together, we can help build up our local economies and provide an increased supply to match the increasing demand of the supply chain. Find the right U.S. Manufacturers as a Supply Chain Solution or your company today!


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