5 Quality Practices for Custom Plastic Parts

Check, check – time for a run down on Quality Control practices. Our quality control team is well equipped with the knowledge and tools to test the quality of the parts being ran on the production floor. Here are 5 quality practices for custom plastic parts we use at Nylacarb to help us monitor quality of the parts running on the production floor.

Specify critical measurements and visual defects to test for.

At Nylacarb, we have created individualized inspection cards for each part we run production for. This card includes critical measurements, part drawings, and visual defects to check for. Additional part information can also be found in the job folder associated with that part.

Communicate these key quality components clearly.

Each quality control personnel must undergo QC training before joining the QC team. This training communicates to our quality personnel key things to look for, how quality criteria is communicated to them, and how to report their findings on these criteria.

Monitor parts being produced on a timely interval.

In our facility, the Quality Control team collects parts running on the floor every 2 hours unless another time frame is specified by the customer. I.E. Some customers request parts be checked every 1 hour.

Record and track quality findings.

Every two hours (unless otherwise specified), when parts are pulled from the production floor for inspection, the quality personnel will fill out an QC inspection form. This QC form is where the team member will record their findings from analyzing the criteria for that part according to its inspection card. This process is key to detecting issues that might be occurring during a production run.

Store quality inspection records in a way that is easily accessible for review.

All QC entries for each part are stored in our database management system and can be accessed in real time by upper management. This system can be searchable by part number, date, and time so that if there is a quality issue it can be traced back accurately. This facilitates the process for customer review of QC.

These quality control practices for custom plastic parts help us keep track, record, and store key findings associated with quality conditions of our customers’ parts. We take pride in this effective system to guarantee quality satisfaction for our customers.

For more information our quality practices for custom plastic parts; or any other plastic manufacturing questions contact us today!

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