Tips for Combatting Shift Work Fatigue

Combatting Shift Work Fatigue? We get it! Manufacturers, including Plastic Injection Molders, often work 24-hour operations.

Shift Work in Manufacturing

Shift work in manufacturing reduces down-time and decreases the waste of energy and resources involved in the shut down and start up processes.

However, shift work isn’t always so easy peezy. Many shift workers must adjust their schedule and make intentional lifestyle decisions to maintain alertness during their shift.

Nylacarb Best Practices for maintaining alertness & Reducing Risk of Injury from Fatigue

At Nylacarb, we recently had a safety meeting to talk about Combating Shift Work Fatigue in our Plastic Manufacturing company. Here are a couple of tips we advised our employees:

  • Avoid Shift Changes During the Week with less than 24 hours between the change.
  • For Managers & Supervisors: Be Aware of High-Risk times. Most accidents occur between 1 a.m. & 6 a.m.
  • Keep Long Shifts to a Minimum: two to three consecutive 12-hour shifts should be the max & longer night shifts avoided, is possible.
  • Keep Scheduling Regular & Predictable
  • Create a Quiet & Dark Atmosphere for sleeping

For more information Nylacarb safety training or any other plastic manufacturing questions contact us today!

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