Importance of Maintenance for Injection Molding Machines

What’s the type of drip that you don’t want? An oil leak! For this injection molding machine, it was time to replace some of the valves that had worn down over time. Proper repairs and preventative maintenance for injection molding machines can create a safer and more productive shop floor.

Preventing Problems for Injection Molding Machines

Maintaining regular maintenance for Plastic Injection Molding machines is vital in keeping the shop floor safe and part production running smoothly. A machine leaking oil, like the problem that was starting to occur with the one in this video, will only get worse over time. Ignoring smaller issues will only turn into larger ones (Follow us for more life hacks… wink).

Creating a Safe & Productive Production Floor by Maintaining Injection Molding Machine Maintenance

Safety is an outcome of proper maintenance for injection molding machines. For example, problems like oil leakage from machines can increase the likelihood of slips, trips, and falls.

Additionally, regular maintenance and repairs allow for parts to continue to run smoothly and without contamination or cooling/heating problems. Plastic injection molding requires very specific thermodynamic principles that can be tampered with by a machine that is not properly maintained. 

At Nylacarb, our onsite maintenance technicians are attentive to potential machine issues and handle them in a timely manner. Our maintenance manager, Jesse, was on the job today keeping up with maintenance for this injection molding machine! Thanks, Jesse, for always doing a stellar job.


For more information our injection molding machine preventative maintenance or machine repair procedures; or any other plastic manufacturing questions contact us today!

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