Calling All Innovators in Manufacturing!

Are you an innovator in manufacturing? Do you love to introduce new ideas to the world? Are you a hub of product development concepts? Are you an engineer with a constantly creative mind?

‘Custom’ Plastic Injection Molding
Being in product development in custom plastic injection molding is tricky. We often meet fantastic visionaries. At times, these developers have ideas that can truly revolutionize their industry.
However, understanding what you are looking for when it comes to manufacturing is vital for a successful product development or large scale run process.
Is Plastic Injection Molding the Right Manufacturing Choice for my Product Development Endeavor?
In custom injection molding of thermoplastics, the injection molding machines require intricate, durable, large molds for making quality parts. These molds are made of steel and are developed with the skillset of a plastic molding engineering and tool making professional.
Molds for plastic injection molding can be expensive ranging from approximately $7k – $100k (yea, you read that right). Many factors will play into this cost. The largest of these factors is design complexity.
However, once you get past the start-up cost of the mold build, plastic injection molding can be an extremely affordable option. Making it the ideal choice for large volume runs or projects that will make many parts over a long period of time.


Integrity When Serving Innovators in Manufacturing
One of the things we pride ourselves on at Nylacarb is being transparent with our clients about the best option for them. We have no fear in losing a potential customer if we know plastic injection molding isn’t the ideal option for their project. We love helping steer innovators, engineers, and product developers in the right direction. Connecting these valuable people with bright ideas to functional solutions is incredibly important to us.

Still not sure if plastic injection molding is the right choice for your idea? Contact us with any questions; we are more than happy to lend our expertise and get you headed in the right direction. We need more innovators in manufacturing like YOU!

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