3 Reasons Plastic Injection Molding Regrind is Useful

Plastic Injection Molding regrind can be useful to the molding process. Material, especially right now, is valuable. Plastic resin is one specific componenet of plastic manufacturing that impacts tensile strength, shrink, rigidity, flow, and many other properties. The material can be manipulated to ensure the perfect part characterists are attained. With material providing much importance to part quality, and resourcing, wasting material should be avoided. While some waste is inevitable, reducing that waste becomes a priority for molders everywhere.

Regrinding for Mother Earth

We will start by addressing a more popular concern for those who may not be as familiar with the plastics industry. Regrind is one way we can reduce waste and reuse material. Plastic resin can be ground up and used again. Whether it is faulty parts, the runners, or other sources of excess plastic during the molding process, we are able to regrind that material and use it again. Plastic injection molding regrind is a great way to help reduce the waste of resources and help the earth!

Plastic Injection Molding Regrind to Save Money

Using regrind is not only sustainable for the environment, but it can save our customers money on material. Depending on each part specifications and the material properties, a certain amount of regrind can be mixed with virgin material. This  process can maintain the highest quality for parts, while saving money on material. Material costs right now are high and material is more scarce than typical. Therefore, having a molder that produces and uses regrind can save customers money.

Regrind to Save Time

We can refer again to the current state of affairs. Covid-19 has caused material shortages. This means longer lead times on material purchase orders. The ability to use regrind can prevent the need for halting production while we wait on a material shipment. Using the plastic injection molding regrind will help the current material inventory to last longer. This means less production down time and parts delivered sooner for customers.

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3 Reasons Plastic Injection Molding Regrind Is Useful

3 Reasons Plastic Injection Molding Regrind is UsefulPlastic Injection Molding regrind can be useful to the molding process. Material, especially right now, is valuable. Plastic resin is one specific componenet of plastic manufacturing that impacts tensile strength,...

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