Plastics Injection Molding & manufacturing has been in the Cooley family since the 1950’s. In today’s constantly changing economy, supply chain, and employment landscape, it is beautiful to see something so tried and true; so reliable and honest; so integral — so American.

Small Company Communication, Large Company Capabilities

As a family owned and operated business, our customers expect one-on-one customer service. Our upper management is there to help you every step of the way. Customer’s never worry about getting the “run around” or being in the dark about their project.

This dynamic allows us to be hands on with each project. We can provide specific expertise and maintain communication internally through each part from development to full scale production. 

supporting Family-Owned American Manufacturing

Supporting small, family owned business is the heartbeat of America. Diversification of the supply chain with consistent, reliable, and honest companies keeps America strong and independent. There is no more noble an act than to support American manufacturing and small businesses that builds up the local economy. Family-owned and operated manufacturing brings vitality to our supply chains and maintains economic stability. 

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7 Things to Consider When Seeking a Plastic Manufacturer

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Safety Achievement for Plastic Manufacturing

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Injection Molding with Polycarbonate

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