Looking to enhance the longevity of your molds and learn tips for improving efficiency within your organization? Plastic injection mold storage processes are helpful in saving time and money while maintaining the highest possible quality in plastic part production. Here are a couple of tips we’ve strung together for you!

1. Organize your mold storage area

Our first tip is to use strong steel racks and maintain an alphanumeric system for storing molds. At Nylacarb, we store molds in sections alphabetically by customer name and then numerically by assigning a mold number to each mold. This method allows you to pull a mold for a project start-up or maintenance more readily and prevent down time.

2. Maintain a Climate Controlled Environment

Next tip: maintain a temperature and humidity controlled environment. This lengthens the life and health of the mold. Provide air conditioned and humidity regulated warehouse space to prevent damage. This also prevents molds from needing unnecessary, additional restorative maintenance – saving customers time and money.

3. Track and Perform Routine Maintenance

Lastly, perform and track necessary maintenance in a timely manner. At Nylacarb, we track all our molds on our Digital Management System. Each mold is entered into the system at the beginning of its life cycle. All preventative and reparative work is recorded in this system and linked to the mold. Additionally, if any work is performed on the mold off-site we can label the mold in the system as off-site and provide and track the details of the off-site maintenance.

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