Nylacarb Corporation, Clinton MA – 1959

Plastic polymers have rushed through our veins since 1959 when my grandfather started his first Custom Plastic Injection Molding Company. Nylacarb was built in Clinton, Massachusetts by Frank Cooley II and began a legacy. 

Nylacarb, a word mash up of Nylon & Carbon, was a small custom plastic injection molding company that grew and thrived.

Frank Cooley II
Lextel, Sterling MA – 1968

Enjoying the success of Nylacarb, Frank Cooley II decided to start a second plastic injection molding company called Lextel in Sterling, Massachusetts. The success of these two companies didn’t go unnoticed, and in 1973 he sold Nylacarb and Lextel to a company called Albany International.

Carbalon, Sterling MA – 1975

Not finished with his injection molding successes in New England, Frank Cooley II began Carbalon. His love for word mashing plastic resins was almost as strong as his love for building plastic injection molding companies. Thus, his passion led to the expansion of Carbalon. In 1980, he bought back the old Lextel building and expanded Carbalon into Carbalon East and Carbalon West.


Satisfied with these accomplishments, Frank Cooley sold Carbalon. Ready to escape the cold of Massachusetts and relocate to the sunny and peaceful Vero Beach, FL.

Nylacarb Corporation, Vero Beach FL – 1987

The golfing and sunshine were not enough to satisfy Frank Cooley II. He called on his sons, who were now all grown adults, and together they built yet another plastic injection molding company. 

His sons, Frank III, Scott, and Doug, had grown up working alongside their father in injection molding. Although their young adulthood took them all different paths, they were now joined again in their pursuit of the new company. Able to reacquire the original name, Nylacarb Corporation, as we know it now, came to be. Trading the snow for the sunshine brought other difficulties that came with a new network. Nevertheless, Nylacarb Corporation survived and now thrives.

After Frank Cooley II passed away, his three sons took ownership of the company. Today, Scott Cooley is president, Frank Cooley III is Productions Director, and Doug Cooley is Shipping & Logistics Director. 


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About the Author: Tatiana Cooley is the daughter of Scott Cooley, and granddaughter of Frank Cooley II. After completeing her degree in Business, she worked alongside multiple marketing teams before joining her family at Nylacarb Corporation.

Tatiana Cooley

Marketing Director & Operations, Nylacarb Corporation

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