From Start to Finish

At Nylacarb we can take your project from concept, or fully designed, to completion with accuracy and speed.

Quality Systems

Our integrated quality system that encompasses molding parameters, material specification, part inspection and mold maintenance.

Molding Services

Our custom plastic injection molding services also include insert molding, multi-cavity molds, and in-mold decorating.

Secondary Operations

Nylacarb's secondary operations include grinding, drilling, and welding.


Customers are guaranteed the highest quality of products, state-of-the-art machinery, and quick response times. We routinely customize procedures to fit the clients’ needs, and self-audit all aspects of a job to maintain constant improvement.


• Precision Quality
• Product Compliance
• Customer Satisfaction


to injection mold and insert mold a polycarbonate electronic housing. We were responsible for all aspects of production based on customer-provided specifications and prints. We provided design and material selection assistance, injection and insertion molding, manufacturing, and EMI shielding to create a product appropriate for sensitive optical and electronic protection with the purpose of withstanding harsh environments. Made of FR glass filled polycarbonate, WITH a tightest tolerance of ±.002″.

to develop an acrylic lens which would produce the maximum throw for a given limen output. We provided design assistance, materials selection, mold design, manufacturing, and injection molding for the Fresnel lens. The lens weighed .92 lbs, and measured 10″ in diameter and 8″ in height, with a tightest tolerance of ±.005″. The lens was customer designed tested, and resulted in complete customer satisfaction.

to create a nylon version of an existing steel clamp that is used in operating tables. We began the process by creating CAD drawings and a 3D model of the part. From these, the mold was made and we created a prototype of the part. Using injection molding of 60% chemically modified nylon. Using nylon in place of steel reduced the weight from 2 lb down to .25 lb. The clamp was manufactured to tolerances of ±.005″.


Our machinery has a maximum clamping force of 300 tons, and we can produce molding with a maximum depth of 20 inches, a maximum length of 30 inches and a maximum width of 20 inches. Nylacarb’s secondary operations include grinding, drilling, and welding. We also manufacture our own molds.

Mold Process Type: Plastic Injection, Insert Moldin, In mold Decorating
Number of Cavities : 1 to 48 cavity
Tolerance: 0.005 – .010 for large parts, 0.002 for small parts
Monitoring: Closed Loop, In-Process
Environment: Sanitary Controlled
Integrated Total Quality: Molding Parameters, Part Inspection, Material Specification, Mold Maintenance
Secondary Operations: Drilling, Grinding, Assembly, Sorting Packaging, Welding
Additional Services: Mold Making, Product Development, Tooling
Industry Standards: ISO 9001:2008 Certified, UL, CE, FDA
Production Volume: Prototype to Large Scale Production Volume Runs
Typical Lead Time: 3 weeks (parts), 6 – 12 weeks (mold builds)
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